Secondary engineering:


The term “secondary engineering” consists of the two word components “secondary” and “engineering”.

The term “secondary” can be derived from electrical engineering, since in electrical engineering devices of a network which are not directly adjacent to a voltage to be reshaped are referred to as secondary devices. It is also referred to as an adjacent “secondary voltage or control voltage”.

The word part “Engineering” only brings the planning component (“to engineer” = plan, construct) into the word.

Overview of secondary engineering:

The tasks in secondary engineering are to create circuit diagrams, calculate the selectivity of electrical installations, interpret the cable cross section, and so on. The production of order lists is also a sub-task in secondary engineering.

Using various planning software such as RUPLAN, the schematics are created. Depending on the purpose, these are then sent to the construction site for execution or to the customer for inspection.

In order to be able to guarantee the safety of the systems even in the “worst-case case”, the selectivity of the system and the cable design are calculated.

We also plan to connect to the interface with the network control centre.

Based on many years of experience in the field of secondary engineering,
BKW Anlagentechnik GmbH can already draw on a comprehensive database of templates.

BKW Anlagentechnik GmbH provides services in the field of secondary engineering in the field of control technology, security techniques, auxiliary devices, etc.

By using the latest software, continuously optimizing processes and continuously qualifying the employees, you make the right decision with BKW Anlagentechnik GmbH as a partner.


  • Protection technology
  • Control technology
  • Own use
  • Measurement and counting
  • Switchgear
  • Installation


  • Circuit diagrams
  • Protection / control system
  • Construction drawings
  • Signal lists
  • Cable overview / lists
  • Description
  • Locking plans
  • Interface plans
  • Allocation plans
  • Cable dimensioning
  • Consumer lists
  • Installation plans

    Hybrid-, PDF- und QS-Modul)
  • Engineering Base
  • VPraster
  • Acrobat X Pro
  • AutoCAD

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