Protection technology:


The term “protection technology” can be derived from the term “network protection technology”. “Network protection technology” refers to the precautions taken to protect the power grid from the effects of faults such as short circuit, ground closure.

Overview of the protective technology:

The tasks of the protective technology are the design of protection concepts for the individual substations and the subsequent parameterization of the protective devices.

Taking into account the protective devices of the neighbouring substations, protection concepts and the connection to the protection communication of the individual plants are planned. Afterwards, the required protective devices are ordered and played with the software and parameterized. These parameterized protective devices are then installed on site in the respective protective cabinets.

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  • Overcurrent time protection
  • Differential protection
  • Generator protection
  • Distance protection


    • Calculation of nets
    • Identifying and verifying protection parameters
    • Parameterization and inspection of protective devices
    • Conception of protective devices
    • Design of current and voltage converters
    • Repeat protective tests


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